June is the month to see wild roses in the valley, and this year they have put on a spectacular show. They are easily visible from road or train, but their aroma adds to the experience if you have a chance to cycle or hike in the valley. Red paintbrushes and columbine are easily seen in fields and along roadways too. Even the exotic mountain lady slipper is sometimes found on roadsides here, while in parts of Alberta and BC it has been picked out of existence.

For many more opportunities to see flowers, birds and other wildlife, try hiking our exciting new McBride Peak trail.

(Please leave the flowers to grow, take only pictures and memories!) For a free map of the trail and more information on trails, what you can see, and wildlife safety, visit the Robson Valley Visitor Centre in McBride’s heritage railway station at Main and First, open every day 9 am to 5 pm.