By Rail

RELAX BY RAIL – One of the valley’s best kept secrets.

Another way to see the valley is from VIA Rail’s daytime passenger train, the Skeena. It runs year round and travels quite a different route from the highway, serving many communities between Jasper, Prince George and Prince Rupert. From Tete Jaune to Dome Creek it gives beautiful views of the meandering Fraser. To the east it runs along the mountainside, giving panoramic views across to Mount Robson.

RobsonValleyWheeler0041The famous Park Car with dome and two lounges, and the Panorama car are reserved for touring class passengers on some trains in summer, but the Park Car is included with economy class in late fall, winter and spring. It gives a cosy way to relax with family or friends while VIA does the driving– even blizzards are fun!

Beverages and snacks can be bought on board, or take a picnic. In summer, bicycles, kayaks, small canoes and caged pets can be taken along for extra fees.

For current fares, schedules and on-line booking see The waiting room in McBride station is open every afternoon for the train, and has more information.

You can travel to McBride by VIA Rail from Prince George or Jasper.

You don’t need to bring the car to visit McBride. Enjoy a scenic train ride through the Robson Valley and arrive at McBride’s beautiful historic railway station. The station is located at one end of Main Street, convenient for hotels and restaurants, parks and attractions. McBride is easy to get around on foot and there are walking trails accessible from the Village.

Discounts are available for booking 1 or 3 days in advance.

VIA Rail's Skeena arrives at McBride StationDeparts Prince George 9:45 am
Arrives in McBride at 1:48 pm
Mon, Thurs & Sat.

Departs Jasper 12:45 pm Mtn time
Arrives in McBride at 2:44 pm
Sun, Wed, Fri.

See VIA Rail’s website for more details.

VIA Rail - Bring your bikeLet VIA do the driving – bring your bicycles and child carriers! $25 per bike VIA Rail checked Baggage

VIA Rail’s Skeena arrives at McBride’s scenic railway station, centred downtown next to parks and playgrounds, and the hub for McBride Adventure Weekend activities.

Look for special summer fares and amazing 75% off Express deals for travel between Jasper to Vancouver and Jasper to points east, including sleeper class.

Are you a CAA, AAA, JAF, or ARC member? Go to  VIA’s website to see how you may receive another 10% discount on economy fares!

VIA Rail - Raush River Bridge

VIA Rail’s Skeena on the Raush River bridge, eastbound through the beautiful Robson Valley, looking north to the Rockies including McBride Peak and Beaver Mtn