Phil & Jennie Gaglardi Park

Matthew Wheeler

Project to be completed 2015.

Near the Fraser River Bridge; Hwy#16 and Raven Road, McBride

An Eco-Sensitive solution to waste water treatment. Hike 3 km of wetland trails, over boardwalk bridges, past 120 birdhouses and if you’re lucky, watch moose, deer, beaver or salmon during their spawning run.

Learn how, in McBride we use nature to clean our waste water. The award winning project addresses provincial, national and global targets for the reduction of human impact on the environment, while at the same time creates a wildlife refuge, recreational and educational facilities.

The Green technologies scientifically named; bioremediation and phytoremediation are employed to process liquids and solids contained in the Municipal waste water. This alternative disposal mechanism, a closed-loop process, mimics nature and it is an example of the integrated approach to the resource management. Thus ensuring that the Fraser River remains clean for future generations; no chemicals are needed. Did you know that a fully grown poplar tree can absorb up to 350 gallons of water on a hot summer day?

For more information about the intricacies of the project and various activities in the Robson Valley visit the Interpretive Gazebo located at the park site.