Back Country Hiking

Whether you want your hike easy or challenging, a couple hours or a couple days, McBride has it all amidst spectacular mountain scenery. Explore our unique pockets of inland rainforest, old growth and ancient cedars. You can also enjoy a creekside stroll at many of the rest areas along Highway 16. For details on these trails and more, get a free copy of the Robson Valley Outdoor Recreation Guide and map. Visit for current road and trail conditions.
Please note:

  • When traveling forest roads, watch for trucks when active logging is in progress.
  • Gear down when descending steep mountain roads to avoid burning out brakes.
  • Protect the fragile ecosystem -please do not use motorized vehicles in the alpine.

Beaver Falls Trail
Easy A 10-minute walk along the west side of the Holmes (Beaver) River, with opportunities to view a small waterfall and, in late August, migrating salmon. Access: north side of Highway 16, 11 km east of McBride. Use great caution walking along the river bank and on the rocks as there are no railings.

Bell Mountain Alpine
Easy Provides excellent views of the McBride area, as well as open alpine hiking. Access: Bell Mountain Road, 9.3 km west of McBride on Hwy 16, with vehicle access (rough) to start
of alpine (16 km).

Blueberry Trail
Primarily a horse trail, but provides hiking access to the extensive Blueberry Alpine and Boundary area along the Continental Divide. Access: Trailhead is at km-44 of the Holmes (Beaver) Forest Road.

Holmes (Beaver) River Forest Service Road
Depending on season, you can venture deep into the Rockies with 2WD through rugged scenery up to 48 km towards Alberta on this gravel road.

Boulder Mountain Trail
Moderate Offers a steep 6 km trail through an old growth forest up to open alpine, with excellent views of the Rocky Mountain Trench. Access: Off the Goat River Forest Service Road, 34 km west of McBride.

Avalanche Valley Trail
13 km one way with steep sections. Provides spectacular views of the Cariboo Mountains. A backcountry campsite is on the edge of Cariboo Lake just below Roberts Glacier.

Dunster Trail
(Tom’s Cabin) Difficult/steep Provides access to a small lake and alpine ridge via a steep 6 km trail. Access: from Pepper Gravel Pit in Dunster. Check in at the Dunster General Store to use the cabin, 250-968-4488.

Eagle Valley Trail
Moderate Offers a moderate 9 km trail to access a spectacular moraine and glacier environment. Public hut available for overnight use–pre­registration is required by calling the Ozalenka Alpine Club at 250-569-2596.

Goat River Trail
This historic trail follows much of an original 1886 route through pristine wilderness that connected McBride and Barkerville. Mainly travelled with horses, the current 51 km route spans the Crescent Spur area to Bowron Lake, and includes two difficult or hazardous stream crossings.

Kristi Glacier Trail
Moderate A 10.9 km trail leading to a high elevation alpine pass area in the Cariboo Mountains. A small backcountry campsite is located at the end of the trail. Access: From the middle fork of the Dore River drainage, west of McBride.

McBride Peak Alpine
Easy Open alpine hiking with excellent viewing and wildflowers. The historic Halfway Cabin and McBride Peak Fire Lookout Tower are features of this trail. Access: From Mountainview Road, just 2 minutes east of the village, with steep vehicle access to halfway point. (4WD recommended).

Mount Lucille Alpine
Open alpine hiking offering splendid viewing, lakes and wildflowers. Access: From Lucille Forest Road, which starts just 5 minutes from downtown McBride. Rough vehicle access to parking, with up to 5 km hike up to the sub­alpine, depending on parking location.

Mount Robson area
Encompassing the tallest peak in the Canadian Rockies, Mount Robson Provincial Park is home to the world famous Berg Lake trail. Please visit or or the Mt Robson Visitor Centre for details on the many features of the park.

Natural Arch Trail
Difficult/ steep Access: Off Highway 16, 23 km east of McBride opposite the rest area, just west of Baker (Holliday) Creek. Trail recommended for experienced hikers only. Another difficult route up the other side of the Baker Creek valley is the Groeneveld Trail, 8.7 km to Groeneveld Peak and a view of the stone arch across the valley. Access: Highway 16 via McNaughton Road, gravel pit at end of road.

Ozalenka Trail
Easy/moderate A 6.9 km trail ascending gradually to an open alpine features wildflowers, small lakes and waterfalls in summer, and fun snowfields in winter. A public hut is available for overnight use–pre-registration is required by calling the Ozalenka Alpine Club at 250-569-2596. Access: km-19 on the West Dore Forest Road, just west of McBride.

Paradise Trail
Difficult – 7.9 km trail leading to an alpine ridge which offers spectacular views of the Cariboo Mountains as well as the Rocky Mountain Trench. Access: 12 km on Mountainview Rd,
east of McBride.

West Twin Old growth Trail
Easy – A short 1.2 km loop through an old-growth cedar and hemlock forest, with interpretive signage. Access: Across gravel parking area, difficult to spot on the south side of Highway 16, 800 metres east of West Twin bridge, 29 km west of McBride.