Wildflowers are bursting with scent and colour just now in the Robson Valley. With the landscape bright spring green, it is a great time to escape into the wilderness–even if for a few minutes. As close as two kilometres outside McBride you can set foot on the western edge of the Rocky Mountains.

Map of trails on McBride Peak (click for full size)

After a few moments of travel up Rainbow Road and onto the McBride Peak forestry road you can already see across the tree tops to the valley below and the beautiful Cariboo Mountains. An exciting new trail network spans McBride Peak, starting at the parking lot just before km 1. Lilies, roses, columbines and violets are right on the trail, to name a few.

Piliated woodpecker looking for insects in a tree by the Bluff trail, May 2018.

Expect to encounter wildlife of any size, even if just squirrels and the big resident pileated woodpeckers. Robson Valley bird list. Mosquitoes vary depending on temperature and wind, so it is best to be prepared for them with repellent or suitable clothing. Wildlife and hiking safety tips.

Wild roses just outside McBride, June 2017

With more time you can drive, walk or cycle to the half way lookout and picnic site at km 5.9. (This is a steep gravel mountain road with only a couple of places to turn around; motor homes or low clearance vehicles not recommended). Follow the ascent of spring up the mountain another 5 km on the four wheel drive (rough) road as it zig zags nearly to the tree line. From here you can walk up to the historic lookout building, and further up you can find patches of snow any day of the year, a nice treat on hot July days. Please note that motorized vehicles are not permitted on the alpine.

A scramble over the trail and some rock takes you to McBride Peak (7446 ft, 2267m). Be alert for changes in weather–cloud can envelop the peak and make it a difficult and cold walk down. For details on this hike and more things do to around the valley, click here. For more information, contact or drop by the visitor centre in McBride, open 9 am to 5 pm every day.